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Small Pet Boarding

Home-from-home quality care

Unfortunately, I am now full for all of May and the Summer holidays so cannot accept any more bookings.

I have also made the difficult decision to reduce the number of boarders I can take from the 1st September 2024 due to an ongoing injury. I will honour all bookings already taken. Please contact me if you would like recommendations of other boarders within the local area. 

Thank you for your custom and kindness, and sorry for any disappointment.


Manor View Small Pet Boarding offers a light and cosy building equipped with 24 spacious hutches for all your pet’s needs. As well as providing fresh food and water, the hutches create the perfect environment for plenty of exercise and sleeping. Whilst staying with us, your rabbits, guinea pigs and other small companions will receive lots of love and attention, so you can rest easy knowing your pet is well cared for.

All of the rabbit and guinea pig hutches are cleaned and sterilised with veterinary grade disinfectant between each guest. Your pet will not mix or come into contact with any of the other animals staying with us, apart from bonded pets which will always be kept together. To limit the disruption caused to hamsters, gerbils and birds, it is asked that you bring them in their own cages. To prevent disruption to your pets diet it is advised that their regular dry food is supplied for the duration of their stay. 

Throughout your pets stay, they will be treated as if they were our own, and regular updates will be provided (if requested) for complete peace of mind.


Daily fresh fruit and vegetables – organically grown in my garden

Top quality hay – made in my own field without chemicals or sprays

(bags available for purchase)

Full care and attention – a close eye will be kept on each guest,

providing them with daily health checks

A variety of toys – for pets to play with to prevent boredom



Carolyn Fox Manor View

My name is Carolyn and have over 40 years’ worth of experience working with animals. Currently, I own a rabbit, variety of hens and ducks, plus a top quality pedigree herd of cattle. Over many years, I have developed a wide knowledge of animal care and hold craftsman status in animal husbandry.

Having kept animals all my life, I understand how important your pet is to you. You can be assured that whether you are on holiday, moving house or working away, that your pet will be treated as if they were my own and well looked after.


My pet boarding is very easy to find – just a mile off the A1, half way between Newark and Grantham with good access from all the surrounding villages. There is plenty of parking and you are welcome to come for a look around before any pet visit.




1 rabbit - £5.00 per night

2 rabbits - £6.50 per night

(sharing the same hutch)

£1.50 for each additional

rabbit in the same hutch


NOTE: £5 additional fee for 1 or 2 nights bookings to cover hutch preparation and cleaning.


House rabbits will be accommodated inside the warm pet shed.


1 guinea pig - £4.00 per night

2 guinea pigs - £5 per night (sharing the same hutch)

£1 for each additional guinea

pig in the same hutch

NOTE: £5 additional fee for

1 or 2 nights bookings to cover hutch preparation and cleaning


Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice

(in own cage)

 - £2.50 per night

Tortoises outdoor

- £3.50 per night

Tortoises indoors

(with electric)

- £4.00 per night



For the protection of your rabbit and other boarders, it is recommended that they have been vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD upon arrival. There should be at least 2 weeks after their last vaccination and their arrival date with us.

It is also advised that all pets are wormed, flea and mite treated.

Animals must be in good health before their stay.

Small animals (hamsters/gerbils etc) should be brought in their own cages with food/bedding to prevent disruption to their diet.

Please specify any pre-existing medical conditions on the booking-in form. If your pet is on medication for a non-contagious medical condition, please ensure you supply sufficient medication for the duration of your pets stay.

If your pet needs medical assistance whilst in my care, I will inform you or your emergency contact immediately. In these circumstances, your pet will be transported to your nominated vet or my vet for treatment. All vet fees incurred will be the responsibility of the pet owner.

Sadly, small animals and birds can pass away with very little warning and it can happen very rapidly after the first sign of illness. In the unlikely event that this should happen in my care, I will contact you immediately to discuss your wishes.


Your pets will have exclusive use of a hutch for their entire stay so Manor View Small Pet Boarding takes no responsibility for any pet pregnancy. All our animals are kept separate unless otherwise stated by you that they are bonded.


Payment is to be made in full on or before arrival.


If you do not collect your pet on the agreed date you will be charged for the extra nights.

Abandoned guests - if we have had no contact for 48 hours after the agreed collection date your pet will be considered abandoned and will look to be re-homed.


Manor View Small Pet Boarding accepts no liability for any accident, injury, death, theft to pets or their owners.



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